R.U.M. Original Carlsberg

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Our brand new and exciting collaboration with Carlsberg is now live!

R.U.M. Original Carlsberg is a collaboration between Wehlers, Carlsberg and A:GAIN. The material is made from plastic from Carlsberg's beer kegs and Wehlers' fishing nets, which are upcycled into a robust mass we can use for our sustainable furniture.

When Carlsberg's kegs are empty, they enter Carlsberg's own deposit system, which allows us to include them in our eco-system and ensure that all materials are recycled for a sustainable future.

Use - R.U.M. The Original Carlsberg is ideal as a dining chair, for the study or in the children's room. Whether it's a child's birthday party or the in-laws are coming to visit, the R.U.M. chair can take a beating. A sustainable design piece of furniture that is not only great to sit on, but also fits perfectly into our shared ambition for a green future.

R.U.M. Original Carlsberg also available without armrests and with upholstered seat in 21 different colours.

Design - The expression on the chair was created by C.F. Møller Design, which is an integral part of C.F. Møller Arkitekter, one of Scandinavia's largest architectural companies. C.F. Møller Design collaborates on international development of innovative and important products for people, buildings and cities.

Sustainability - R.U.M. is short for Re-Used Materials and R.U.M. is sustainable. Recycled Fishing Nets, E-waste (post consumer), Beer Racks and Circular Economy are key words.

The circular thinking can be seen in the fact that only two materials have been used in the production of R.U.M. and that both of these materials can be recycled 100% for new Wehlers furniture.

Dimensions - width: 46 cm, seat height: 47 cm, seat depth: 43 cm

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