About Wehlers

Dear Customers

"We don't think the world needs any more designer furniture. HOWEVER, we are absolutely convinced that more opportunities are needed for sustainable consumption. The result is Wehlers - Furniture for good. We founded the company to be the positive change we would like to see in the world. For our children, and for their children. Our place in history depends on the choices we make all the time."

- Maria & Henrik, Founders of Wehlers

For us, the primary reason for a sustainable lifestyle is the hope that future generations will receive a better planet than we did ourselves. We also raise our children to look after the planet, and to show respect for other people. To avoid one-off consumption, and to buy sustainable quality.

Wehler's ambition is: "To be the best for the world"

Respect - Repair - Recycling - Recycled


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Maria Fryd Wehler
@: mariafryd@wehlers.comtel: +45 53 35 67 19

Henrik Holm
@: henrikholm@wehlers.comtel: +45 25 67 16 38