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How it works


In the conversation about sustainability and circular principles, it is difficult to get around Wehler's "ECO-System". A system that is based on helping all our stakeholders with a focus on sustainability. From designers, manufacturers, logistics and of course our customers.

Wehlers believes in the circular principles. We are convinced that well-designed, sustainable products are the starting point for a sustainable interior. Wehlers closes material loops and takes its responsibility when it comes to utilizing materials.

Wehler's furniture collection is designed to be recyclable in the future. Well, 'Design with the end in mind'. Thus, Wehler's furniture provides a reduced resource consumption, less CO2 emissions and cleans up the sea - Forever.

Our approach:

Respect. Respect our common ECO system.

Repair. Fix what's broken.

Re-use. Recycle furniture.

Re-Cycle. Reapply materials for new furniture, after use.

Remember. Remember that, and we'll solve it together.

Wehlers furniture always stands out as new, even though all furniture is produced with reusable and recycled materials. When we find the materials we would like to use for our furniture, we always do so with recycling and local materials in mind.

Example of our work with marine plastics

Every year, around 8-10 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea. It is estimated that 46% of this comes from a single source, fishing nets. Pollution of the world's seas is a major problem which not only harms marine life but also contributes negatively to the climate crisis. At Wehlers, we are convinced that marine litter is better used as an active resource, which is why we have made a chair, for example. A chair that benefits the ocean by reusing the plastic that we can pull up.

In our work with the R.U.M. chair, we use fishing nets that are collected directly from the ocean by NGOs, or brought in for recycling by the fishermen.. At our partner Plastix in Lemvig, Denmark, the fishnets are cleaned, washed, grinded and melted into small plastic parts. These plastic parts are then molded by our partner Letbæk Plast A/S into the back and seat of the R.U.M. chair. 

Circular life

Today’s linear “take, make, dispose” model relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, and it is a model that has reached its physical limits. We insist that our furniture is not only made of recycled and sustainable materials, but it is repaired, reused and recycled during and after ‘end-of-life-cycle’.

Recycling is a great place to start but a bad place to stop.

Wehlers will not compromise on our ECO system, which makes it possible to repair, recycle, recycle and revitalize the furniture that needs it.

In addition to producing furniture from materials that can be recycled and repaired, Wehlers also works with KEEPR to circulate our used and discarded designer furniture. Together with KEEPR we give new life to rented chairs from events, exhibition models from showrooms and fairs, or returned goods.

See our selection of used and discarded furniture at KEEPR here: www.keeprcollective.com


For many years, the linear economy has been the primary way to produce new products. Specifically, this buy-and-throwaway approach means that the raw material is purchased, reshaped into the products we know, and then in the end things are just thrown out as waste, which does not contribute positively to the planet's ecosystem.

Wehlers challenges the way the industry has always worked by doing something different. Our approach is therefore a circular ECO system where the materials are always recycled and never leave our closed ECO system. There is no such thing as waste.

Throughout the entire ECO-system there are multiple stops where plastic and metal components are treated and processed to build the different parts of the Wehlers furniture. The different parts indicate every stakeholders part of the value chain. From pulling out plastic in the ocean to the final product. This brings happiness all the way around, from ourselves and to our customers. We have a close and trustworthy connection with our suppliers and we only work with suppliers that have the same set of values as we do and who also work towards a green and sustainable future.

In this way, the recycled materials can be used for new chairs and therefore continue his life in a new form, again and again.

iconic awards 2021 innovative interior best of best wehlers sustainable furniture
iconic awards 2020 innovative material marine plastics and recycled steel
green product award winner 2020